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The Forum Members community represents outstanding firms from around the globe that are among the world’s top innovators, market shapers, disruptors, including niche market leaders and regional champions.

They are businesses of established influence that continue to help growing economies thrive, contribute to societal prosperity and are transforming into global leaders in their industries and regions. Together, they form one of the Forum’s key pillars of global business and address urgent issues, explore emerging trends and help facilitate the Forum’s mission of improving the state of the world.

Forum Members are mid-sized global enterprises that have been selectively sought by the World Economic Forum for their innovative business models, market influence, industry disruption, regional impact, corporate citizenship and visionary leadership.

Forum Members play a major role in global economic prosperity. They are among the top job creators and are essential to a healthy regional and global business ecosystem. Their experience as emerging regional and global industry players and their ambition and capacity to build sustainable global businesses make Forum Members ideal ambassadors for public-private cooperation and multistakeholder efforts.

Together with the World Economic Forum community of Institutional Members, Forum Members are a key group of business stakeholders that engage in public-private cooperation with academics, government and civil society to improve the state of the world.

As of January 2016, the community of Forum Members comprises more than 390 firms from over 60 countries. Membership is by invitation only and a result of a diligent review of selection criteria. Typical Forum Members exceed their industry standards in a variety of metrics, are interested in their role as a global citizen and have a track record of outstanding leadership, setting the bar for business best practices.

Forum Members of the World Economic Forum benefit from:

A Multistakeholder Community

Forum Members represent a core pillar of the Forum’s multistakeholder community that has been developed to combine the spirit of entrepreneurship with the need for social responsibility to address global and regional challenges.


The global Chairs and Chief Executives of Institutional Member Companies are invited to participate in:

The Annual Meeting of the New Champions held in the People’s Republic of China, a unique gathering of the next generation of global leaders, emerging regions, competitive cities, Social Entrepreneurs, Young Scientists and Technology Pioneers from around the world.

Regional Meetings in key regions of the world, that complement the experience of the Annual Meeting of New Champions by bringing the regional dimensions to the forefront.

Annual Workshop with the Technology Pioneers, focusing on new technologies and their opportunities as well as their impact on the global enterprise landscape.

Forum Members are fully integrated into the World Economic Forum vision for improving the state of the world and have the opportunity to contribute to the Forum’s Regional, Industry and Global Challenge initiatives and projects along with the community of Institutional Members.

In addition to face-to-face meetings, Forum Members have access to TopLink, the World Economic Forum’s platform for sharing ideas and engaging in top-level conversations before, during and after yearly events. Forum Members enjoy exclusive year-long access to this web and mobile platform and to the content, videos, insights and and reports available there. There, they can interact virtually with other executives and communities to exchange ideas and insights.

Insight and Knowledge Exchange

Forum Members have year-round and around the clock access to the Forum’s expert networks from public office, faith communities, not-for profit organizations and academia. Forum Global Agenda Councils and virtual sessions offer multiple opportunities to share and exchange strategic insight on today’s most pressing issues.


Forum Members contribute to the Forum’s mission by actively participating in Regional Meetings, helping foster solutions for Global Challenges, and adding to Industry expertise. They create impact through engagement in the Forum’s industry projects, such as Digital Transformation, New Vision for Education and the Global Strategic Infrastructure Initiative and through their corporate global citizenship practices, by contributing to initiatives such as the Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) and Narrowing the Gender Gap.


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