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FDB Introduction

by chas556

What were about…


What’s our story and why have we created this channel?
The mainstream media are economical with the truth – instead of
giving unbiased news and views, there is a definite one-way
agenda their way or no way.
We have watched with alarm our democracy being stolen both
here in the UK (over our involvement with the EU) and now in the
US over the presidential election. If there is nothing to hide, the
Democratic Party should be elated that everything will be proven
above board and Dominion Voting Systems will have a clean bill
of health to carry on operating, also those poor souls who have
voted after death can finally rest in peace.
The social media also only choose one narrative and it is their
way or no way with alternative views being de-platformed.
So where do you turn to – we hope you will turn to a channel that
puts out a balanced narrative and tells the truth without a wish to
offend but is not politically correct.
There are also many lifestyle programmes for you to watch,
books to read, music to listen to and so turn on and enjoy.
Please feel free to contact us too if you have a story to tell that the
mainstream media will not touch.


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